Learning to Count Using Touch Points [Colleyville Texas Autism Charity]

With Christmas just a few days away we thought we’d spread a little cheer & joy with you all!

We wanted to share with you another sweet boy who is part of our Maximum Chances family, Joaquin. Joaquin is 5 years old, an only son, and he is autistic. Joaquin started at Journey Learning Center in December. At that time he was non verbal. He used to get very frustrated and harm himself. He used to spit a lot, didn’t know how to play with other kids or even with toys. He didn’t know his colors, letters, how to ride a bike, how to follow directions, and he didn’t like to color among other things. Today, after a year at Journey, Joaquin is starting to talk, color and count!

Here is a little clip of Joaquin working on counting (and writing the numbers!) using touch points.  You can even see him drawing a little sketch, and if you listen closely his good buddy Brooks (who graduated from the program) cheers him on for a job well done!

His mom shared his successes with us! She said, “It’s something that I did not know it could be possible for him, but he is learning how to talk, we have sounds! We know that he can read! He is playing with the kids, with toys, he learned how to ride a bike, how to color, and how to follow directions. He has improved so much in these nine months, he amazes me every day. Everybody at Journey is amazing, and what I like the most, and the reason why it works it’s because they all have the same goals for the children and work together to help them. I could not have done this without Maximum Chances since I did not have the resources to provide for my son on my own. I really don’t know how can I ever thank Maximum Chances for all what they do for us and other families. To see my son being so proud of himself and happy, it is priceless! Thank you so much Maximum Chances ! You have been a blessing to so many families.”

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