The Mills Family [North Texas Giving Day 2016]

With the North Texas Giving Day coming up this September 22nd, we wanted to share with you an example of how much of an impact your donations have on the lives of others.  All of our donations go directly to helping get care to these children in need, and in a lot of cases the families…


First Day of Kindergarten [DFW Autism Charity]

MAXimum Chances would love to share a story of an amazing little boy and his incredible milestone!  Today our first Maximum Chances child at the Journey Learning center is headed off to school.  Gorgeous Brooks is starting kindergarten!  Now obviously that’s a milestone many children will begin today, but for Brooks, and many children on the…


Autism and Sleep Deprivation

It’s fairly well known in the Autism Community that poor sleeping patterns can be part of the package. Up to 80% of households with a child or children on the autism spectrum report problems with sleep disturbances. Some of these issues include: Challenges with winding down and getting prepared for bed Difficulty falling and staying…

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