We believe the bio-medical approach to be a critical piece of the puzzle in the overall treatment of autism and which MAXimum Chances would like to offer to other patients. Dr Constantine Kotsanis believes that participating in specific bio-medical treatments can significantly improve the lives of individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.

Dr Kotsanis is an otolaryngologist and Allergist and his treatment of autistic children began back in 1992. His ongoing clinical experiences showed clear evidence that patients having a healthy digestive tract, a strong immune system and specific nutritional interventions had a positive effect on reducing autistic like behaviors such as:

* Poor eye contact
* Poor social interactions (limited ability to participate in a one on one or group conversation)
* Stimming (self- stimulatory behavior involving repetitive movements such as flapping)
* Echolalia (constantly repeating what they or others say)

In addition, having a healthier body supported efforts to improve vocabulary and assisted other therapies reduce with the above-mentioned socially inappropriate behaviors. Dr Kotsanis strives to develop an individual metabolic profile and customized treatment plan that will suit a patient’s particular medical issues.