Founder, Nicole Chalmers, and her husband Greg Chalmers, have been affected by autism in a big way. Twenty-one years ago, this newly married couple found themselves learning all about life in America after moving from their Australian home, and a few years later they were a fish out of water once again as they began their search on how to raise a child with Autism in their growing family. Their son, Max, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 22 months. Knowing nothing about the condition, Nicole and Greg spent countless hours researching and educating themselves so they could understand what was going on in their son's life.

Today Max is 18 years old and has exceeded all of their expectations, but it wasn't without many bumps along the way. The Chalmers saw not only how much information there was to share, but also how expensive all of the treatments were, and they knew very few people would be able to afford all it takes to help their sweet children thrive. It became their mission to help educate other families on all of the advances in therapies as well as raising funds to help fund them.


MAXimum Chances is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, EIN number 47-1314167. It was established by Nicole and Greg Chalmers to help simplify your search for answers by providing you with sound advice and resources to help you wade through the overwhelming sea of online information pertaining to raising a child with autism.

Our mission and goal for MAXimum Chances is to connect families who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and help them gain access to educational services, therapies, and cutting edge bio-medical treatments.


Over the years we have primarily held two major events to raise awareness for our foundation. They were our annual Stella and Dot shopping evening and a Pro-Am Golf Tournament. Being that Greg is a professional golfer he understands the rigors of travel and being away from home, so for these players to take time out of their schedule to help our foundation has been truly special to us. We have so many fond memories of these over the years, and can even see Max grow over the years! You can read more about them and see pictures on our photo gallery page. If you are interested in holding your own event to raise funds for Maximum Chances please contact us today!


We have partnered with some of the most wonderful organizations and therapists in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex to bring the necessary programs into these children's lives. Click on each of the logos below to read more about these organizations and how they are impacting the lives of children with Autism.